Bathroom design & how to recreate

This year we have see a more modern approach in bathroom design. Simple, clean and bold accents. Color and pattern are being big bold accents. The way I always approach any design is by finding items that I really like and working around them, if its a tile or light, I use that one item to build off of, making sure I keep the design working around my favorite selection. If that favorite selection changes during the development, I shift my focus allow things to go that don't make sense anymore. Staying fluid and adaptable. My hope is that you can be more creative and feel confident in your choices when designing after you read this, and maybe get a few ideas.

Here is how to create this space but in your own style.

Find your base, its natural, light and neutral. It can be interesting but because we want to have a bold accent tile, we keep this base tile simple.

Natural materials like marble in white keep bathroom design light, clean and airy. Although we see busier homes opt for porcelain look-a-likes in order to escape the maintenance.

Arizona Tile has a fantastic selection of marble tiles, in all shapes and sizes. These two are my favorites right now, they come in 12x24 inch marble tiles Honed or polished, and in a ton of mosaic options. I really enjoy warmer marbles for there ability to blend so well with wood tones, so if you find yourself loving this look, try pairing it with a white oak or maple with a natural finish.

Looking for floating shelves? Try ULTRASHELF these are great shelves with ultra nice hidden brackets, pre-stained, painted and you can choose your thickness and lengths.. worth it!

Second pick is going to be a cooler toned marble tile in Sky Blue. This tile comes in 4x16 and 12x24. Allowing you to create a herringbone pattern for the floor or just an accent wall in the shower. IF you add a pattern like this you might want to use it as your accent, its not easy on the eyes to mix this pattern with other bold patterns. For instance, use the 12x24 for the walls and herringbone on the floor and on the shower wall as an accent.

Here is another idea for shelving form Ultra shelf, this pairs pretty nicely, pickled white oak.

Pops of color

are also trending with bold color, patterns and shapes in accent tiles. Hexagon, chevron and large penny rounds are the most popular shapes as well as the basic subway tile shapes with bold color and high variation for handmade look.

In small accents, or full walls... as long as it feels balanced to you. You will use this room often so you have to really like the accent if its bold! Use the solid colored tiles in patterns to create more interest then just color.

Add these types of tiles as accents, to just the shower niche. All of the walls, or just one wall.

Everything else, keep modern simple and clean, bright whites, and blacks are great to add for accents too.


One of my favorites after tile, I think lighting can add such a different look a space. There is really two was this goes for me, I never feel just okay about a light. I love it or hate it.

Here are some lights I just love, they go great with this bathroom style.

Golds metal finishes are highly sought after and unfortunately becoming harder to find in stock. Matt black is a close second, mixing these metals together is a great look! You cant really go wrong with this part, go with the colors that make you happy here there is no wrong choice, except ORB, I really don't like it for this type of bathroom look.

Vanities - if you can go custom you should. Vanity's are so hard to find good quality and the limitations with finding one off the shelf are huge. Design something cool, functional and built in.

If you like these ideas but still need some help putting it all together, you might want to work with an interior designer that can create 3d renders so you can visualize it before you commit to one product or style. Get more info on my e- design and rendering services here.

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