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Tile installation experts

When it comes to tile installation in Georgetown Texas, trust Oz Tile & Design to handle all your needs with expertise and professionalism. We begin by assessing your project and offering a complimentary estimate, ensuring transparency from the start. Unlike other contractors, we take pride in managing the entire process, from demolition, preparation to the final installation.

With an impressive 23 years of installation experience, Joe leads our team as the dedicated installer for your job. You can rest assured that the person who sells you the service is the same individual who will be executing the installation. This commitment to continuity guarantees consistent quality and attention to detail throughout the project.

While our specialty lies in custom tile work, we have the expertise to tackle various types of projects. Whether you're looking to revamp your master bathroom with a luxurious steam shower or update your kitchen backsplash, we've got you covered. Additionally, we're well-equipped to handle repairs and offer solutions to upgrade your existing "builder grade" tile, resolving any issues you may be facing.


If you value getting the job done right the first time, we encourage you to reach out to us. Give us a call today, and let's get started on transforming your space with our exceptional tile installation services.

Joe Ozmer

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